Hello, my name is Alex McCorry, I am currently 20 years old living in Pennsylvania  and have a passion for photography. 

Everyone in life is on a quest to find that one thing they were meant to do, the one thing they love and enjoy doing so much. Most people do not find what that purpose is, most do not even try to search for it. They choose to live an ordinary, easy, dull life. For me, this was not an option, even after being criticized and being told I was wasting my time and should concentrate on other "important things." Never the less, I grew up searching for this purpose, which includes doing many hobbies over the past years, such as snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, collecting shoes and many other things. Also, I've played many sports such as cross-country, basketball, soccer and football. Even after trying many new and unique things, I still felt I haven't found my "purpose," (as if it was to be easy) that was until I found photography. I could express my love for simplicity, nature and shoes all in one. There is something about being in the silent world of what surrounds us everyday and presenting images of life to people. Even the simplest of plants or insects catch my attention and I am marveled and in awe. I hope you enjoy my work and appreciate beauty in everything. 

"I just want to save my family." - Alex McCorry