Here I will display updates for the site and other important information. 

What your product will look like:

Below are pictures of what your product will look like while hung on a wall, leaning on it's leg, and the back of the frame.

This is how a print within the frame will look like hung on a wall. Of course the color is a little off in the picture because the light setup i was using wasn't the best. All prints will include this black frame with a slightly rounded edge.

Not only can these frames be mounted on walls, it can also be displayed while leaning on this leg. 

To remove the print from the frame, you will move the four hooks from under the frame to remove the back. 


1.7 - New editing software purchased to create better quality photos. Still deciding what nature / landscape photos will be for sale. Considering making all my Instagram photos for sale, but they would need to be individually requested. New method will be developed over time. 

1.6 - Flash sale on 12/17/14 of four different prints and frames. My goal is still insight, and I will achieve it. Thanks for the support thus far. 

1.5 - New ideas and methods of production are being formulated. Donations can be made on the product tab, all support is so welcome and won't go unnoticed. 

1.4 - Site was changed to new url, up for around 4 months with 3 products sold, thanks you very much for the support so far. Site set back to for college as new method of production will be made.

1.3 - Increased product numbers from 5 to 25, slowly adding more pictures for sale over time. Also added inventory tracking and troubleshooted more site problems.

1.2 - Product shipping cost reduced from 8.00 to 5.00. Price still may vary in the future. Also updated information on the product such as an actual picture of it in it's frame and more clarity within the description. 

1.1 - Product pricing is reduced for launch. Shipping cost is flat as of now but may vary depending on location later. 

1.0 - Getting ready to launch the site in beta form. URL will still include If trial is successful, product limits will go from 5 to 25, with updated features such as tracking and more product pictures.